All of our down quilts have a box baffle system that channels the down to allow even distribution for the best loft and most warmth. Box baffles use internal baffle walls made of a mesh material that keeps the down in a smaller area to mitigate migration. However, with use the down will shift. When the down shifts, it may clump and create cold spots, which decreases the quilt's ability to keep you warm. To help avoid this, here are some tricks to move the down back to where it is needed.

The simplest way move down is to lightly shake your sleep system. This will move the down up and down the vertical portions of the baffles. Just be careful not to shake the quilt too vigorously as you could damage the quilt.


The best way to distribute down is to lay your quilt out on a flat surface and gently moving your hand over the baffles. When you're doing this you're actually moving the air and not the down itself. You brush your hand over the sleep system, which moves the air in the baffles which in turn moves the down. So the lighter you brush the more effective you will be at move down. This method is especially helpful with moving down that gets stuck at the top of baffles or around corners. You may have to move your hand over a single area several times to move the full amount that you need to.  

In some cases, your down may become clumped in one area, and even if it does not seem like a lot, the more you break it up the more you will realize just how small down can compact. The best way to handle this is to work the specific area by either gently massaging the down clusters or by lightly smacking and pushing the area.

If all else fails, you can put your sleep system in the dryer on the NO HEAT setting with a few tennis balls. Using tennis balls helps break up the down clusters and move the down around.