Revelation or Enigma? Compare our quilts




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    It would be nice to have a better description of the differences in the footboy between the Revelation and the Enigma.  From the photos, they do appear to be sewn differently with the Enigma having less room for the down to move about (which makes sense), but not quite sure.  

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    Great Idea! I will see if I can get a picture from our marketing team on this article : ) 

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    Mjohns5621 (Edited )

    Also, I can't find ANYTHING that tells me the difference between the Enigma and the Enigma HE.  If it is there you need to make it more obvious.

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    Michelle T. Nash

    This information page comparing the features of each quilt felt buried or lost among your website pages.  This comparison chart should be at the top of the shopping page for sleeping quilts as it was the FIRST thing I needed to consider before shopping for a sleeping quilt here.  It took me a while to find this information, even after I'd been to your site before and I just wanted to refresh my memory on the different features.  And like Mjons5621 said, still wondering what the H.E. models have that's different from the regular ones?  Thanks 

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    Marcia Ratliff

    Thanks for the comments! I really appreciate the feedback, and we're working to make this information easier to find and more intuitive for everyone (including us)! The HE is the hammock edition, which is a bit narrower and has a toggle attachment at the foot end. 

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