Choosing fabric colors




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    Christopher Schneider

    hi there,

    I like the remarks on color. I suggest to add this information:

    you highlight that light colors reflect and dark colors absorb light, just right. You conclude that, if you wanna dry the quilt, dark color is more efficient, also quite right. I would now add that in correlation to the use of dark colors in sunlight, these colors will also absorb radiated heat from your own body - and you lose warmth! vice versa lighter colors will keep more body heat inside the quilt (if the inside color is light, obviously). I think this should be stressed here and makes a nice addition to the color code of one's quilt. same goes for clothing, too!


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    Joda Gordon

    Actually, body heat is in the infrared region and colors do not predict/reliably correlate to reflectivity (as is the case with visible sunlight).  Even if it did, I think you'd be okay with the exterior as a light color and the inside as a dark color; the body heat would be trapped by the outer layer.  Or course, the fill is much thicker than the fabric, so the color of the fill should matter the most, right?


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    John Archer

    Never even considered this, but it makes perfect logical sense. Thank you for posting this tip, it will help me make  the final decision on the colors I request! Again, Thank You! 

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    David Levy (Edited )

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