How to layer quilts for sub-zero camping




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    Neil Riddoch (Edited )

    This article was *thee most helpful article* when I bought my first quilt. 

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    Justin Baker (Edited )

    There is no way this chart is accurate. I don't own quilts, but I own a 15 degree sleeping bag and a 30 degree sleeping bag. According to this chart, If I layered them I would get a -20 to -30 degree rating. Both of my sleeping bags combined equal 31 ounces of down. Most 0 degree sleeping bags have around 30 ounces of ounces of down. If I am missing something here please correct me, but I don't see how this is adding up.

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    D Mgoody

    it's about inches of loft not ounces of down. Quilts can be layered as to minimize the compression of the bottom layer, whereas a sleeping bag inside of a sleeping bag would compress the inner bag unless the outer bag was way over-sized. 


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    Patrick Phalen

    So, silly question:
    Does the order of the quilts matter?
    I have a 20 Enigma and a 40 degree Revelation quilt

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